Talking Therapy, Isle of Man
Talking Therapy, Isle of Man

Initial Assessment

Please see our contact page to find out how to request an initial assessment.


You can send us an email to our joint email: and we can help assign a therapist to you or you can contact either Kate or Beth directly - direct email addresses are available on our contact page.


After receiving contact from you, we will organise an initial assessment where we will explore your current issues, enquire about background history and establish the focus of therapy. 


Talking Therapy

If you decide to progress with talking therapy after the initial assessment, the duration of appointments will be 50 minutes.


You will never be placed under any obligation to attend for a minimum or maximum number of talking therapy sessions.  The number of sessions you attend is always your decision.


Professional Fees

Island Psychology charges a fixed professional fee for an initial assessment. 


Talking therapy is also charged per session at a fixed rate. 


Please get in touch or self-refer to learn more about our professional fees. Payment is taken by your therapist before or at the end of each session by cash or via bank transfer.


Kate's clinic is full and she is not taking new referrals at the moment. Please contact Beth if you would like to arrange an appointment.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, sometimes we all need a bit of extra support.

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