Talking Therapy, Isle of Man
Talking Therapy, Isle of Man

Island Psychology

Clinical Psychology & Counselling Psychology in the Isle of Man



Island Psychology was founded by Dr Godwin and Dr O'Sullivan to provide evidence based psychological therapy to adults in the Isle of Man.


Island Psychology's mission is to offer a safe and confidential talking therapy service to adults in the Isle of Man  who are facing personal difficulties.


We understand that it can be difficult to access the right service or professional when dealing with challenging or  upsetting life events.



Dr Godwin and Dr O'Sullivan have both completed a BSc in Psychology & accredited clinical psychology and counselling psychology doctorates in the UK. They are highly trained professionals who hold the protected titles of 'Practitioner Psychologist' with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC).




Island Psychology is here to listen and guide you along a path tailored to suit your unique needs. Our sessions are held in a quiet, informal and relaxed consulting room in Douglas, Isle of Man.


It may seem easier to put your needs on hold or deal with your worries alone. You may even try to push worries away completely. This approach rarely works and can make life more challenging than it needs to be. 

You may also be considering getting professional support, but find yourself wondering: Will they judge me? Will it be embarrassing? Will I feel like a failure or even will they make me lie on a couch? These are normal questions. 

Fortunately we are friendly professionals, we understand, we believe everyone does their best and we like you to sit in whatever position you feel most comfortable.  Our highly qualified and experienced psychologists will work with you in a way that suits you and your needs. Talking together you develop a shared understanding and work towards reaching your therapeutic goals.
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